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Promise Made, Promise Kept
Managing Director, Tom Shields' career highlights include:
  • Started racing flat track at age 4 in 1968
  • Promoter since 1999
  • Former flat track and road racer
  • Event Director RPM, a WERA affiliate ('99-'01)
  • Sales, Parts Mgr - Houston Motorsports ('99-'05)
  • Marketing Director for Freestone Raceway ('05-'17)
  • Developed the James Stewart Spring Championship
  • Event Director for the JS7 Champions Ride Day
  • Event Director for the Ryan Villopoto Amateur Motocross Cup
  • Event Director for the PacWest Motocross Series
  • Agent for Austin Forkner ('10-'15)
  • Contract Negotiations
  • RRYD is in the people business
In the world of competition, participants see the "superstars" of today and dream of tomorrow.  RRYD is here to offer more opportunities by creating incentives for new competitors.  While only 1% of all sports athletes experience a career as a paid professional, the memories are what remain with racers and their families.  That never-quit spirit carries youth into adulthood.